The Fields-Picklo Catalog of

Philatelic Show Seals, Labels,  & Souvenirs

a  publication courtesy of  Rigastamps



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Over twenty years ago Sandy Fields and Ken Picklo joined efforts to create a joint inventory of their individual collections of philatelic show seals and souvenirs, recording both their their holdings and the purchase prices. The purpose was to provide a checklist of known material with an indication as to what one or the other had to pay for the item. Eventually they added to the list other items of which they had become aware but had not yet had the opportunity to acquire. After Sandy's interests shifted to other areas, Ken continued to maintain and add to the compilation. The resulting work is an invaluable tool to the collector of such material and a significant contribution to the hobby as a whole.

A word of caution is offered here to the user of this reference work. The information was compiled as a working inventory not a price list. The dollar values were purchase-prices paid at some historic point in time and should not be construed as estimates of current or consistent value, either today or at any particular point in the past. Moreover, the market for such material has changed substantially since much of the data was originally compiled.

Most of the catalog is organized alphabetically by the name of the club or show that issued the seal. There is a separate section for seals issued by dealers and others. Those others include such diverse cinderella classics as Sabor of the Midland, Mrs. Stewarts Bluing, and National Airmail Week items. Finally there is a cross-index that lists where many of the items that could be listed in two or more places can be found.


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